What to expect:

This will depend greatly on what issue you present with. The cause of the pain is not often in plain sight. Body mechanics are complex, and the discomfort can be due to many factors. Pain can manifest from postural habits, emotional issues, stress or physical traumas. For example, the way you walk for instance, can result in a neck pain.

Some people only need one session, others find that a combination of treatments over a few sessions works best for them.

Types of techniques used:

Catherine has developed a unique, individualised and comprehensive treatment program using a combination of techniques.

Adult Pain Relief:
Headaches, Joint Pain, Cramps, Neck tension, Back pain, Sports injuries, Arthritis, Muscle weakness, Knee pain.

Skeletal Assessment and Corrections:
Assessment of skeletal imbalances and skeletal repositioning. Simple and painless.

Advanced Kinesiology:
Bio feedback from the body’s nervous system. Addressing the physical & emotional component.

Myofascial Release:
Relieves Muscle soreness, encourages Lymph drainage to remove toxic build ups.

Trigger Points:
Relieves constricted areas of the muscle. Pain relief.

Deep Tissue Work:
Breaks up scar tissue and reduces muscle tension.

Pain Relief for Children:
The therapies and strategies used to help a child’s physical condition are similar to adults.

What’s right for you?

This unique therapy is something you need to experience to believe. The feedback from clients is excellent, many have relief instantly. After a few visits the pain is often gone for a lifetime.

We discuss the possibilities, expectations and strategies together to find what’s right for you. It’s important that clients understand what’s going on for them within their body and why.

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