“Catherine has a great ability to get to the heart of the matter. She worked with me at a time when I was feeling stuck in my life. I was also experiencing headaches every time I came close to moving forward. She helped me understand more about what was blocking me from achieving my goals […]

Amany Livingstone, Kinesiologist

“Catherine Frith has been providing deep tissue massage to me since early 2010. Catherine has been able to dramatically improve the stiffness and lack of flexibility in my shoulders, arms and legs. Catherine’s techniques not only break up the knots in soft tissue, they also break up the uric acid crystals – which cause arthritis. […]

John Bakers. B.Sc.Dip.Ed.

“I highly recommend Catherine Frith to anyone who is suffering with tissue damage. Several years ago I was involved in a car accident. This resulted with considerable pain in my hips and legs and lack of strength and muscle movement. Catherine’s techniques have produced remarkable results. I no longer carry a cane, and in fact […]

John Gumbley JP, B.Com

“For around 3 years I had warts all over my hands. During that time I had visited my GP over 20 times in hopes of finding a solution to getting rid of them. No matter what he used, the warts always came back. Even after multiple sessions with liquid nitrogen being used to freeze them […]

Jordan Frith, 13 year old male

” I went to see Catherine after a lifting accident left me with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. As a new mum, lifting and carrying my toddler didn’t help the matter either. Numerous other physio sessions, acupuncture  and multiple rounds of cortisone were unable to give me long lasting results. Through Catherine’s amazing massage […]

Maria Matthews, 43 year old new mum & first time small business owner

“I have attended  massage and treatment sessions with Catherine. I had several ailments, following the birth of my child and she addressed them one by one. Catherine was able to accurately apply treatment specifically to my needs. She is very professional, attentive and caring. I would truly recommend her to anyone.”

Monika Breen, new mum

“Catherine, is the most amazing and talented remedial massage therapist I have ever been too, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for real and most importantly lasting results. Catherine’s incredible intuition somehow seems to know exactly what part of your body needs to be worked on. I love that Catherine is also a […]

Sally-Anne Ferguson, 35 year old entrepreneur

“Catherine’s superior knowledge of the muscular skeletal system, combined with her highly intuitive nature, means she zeroes in on problem areas and fixes them quickly. Her technique and control are exceptional. After 10+ years of severe back pain, I’m now pain free, and it’s changed my life. She’s also significantly reduced my migraines and dizziness. […]

Suzanne Houghton

“For my session with Catherine we had to work through a surrogate. This was a wonderful experience for both my surrogate friend and myself.The session was conducted very professionally and Catherine’s approach seemed very thorough and was certainly effective. The session gave me the opportunity to work with my breathing, a long-standing area of difficulty. […]

Venerable Parsadika, Wat Buddha Dharma
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