Maria Matthews, 43 year old new mum & first time small business owner

” I went to see Catherine after a lifting accident left me with chronic pain in my neck and shoulders. As a new mum, lifting and carrying my toddler didn’t help the matter either. Numerous other physio sessions, acupuncture  and multiple rounds of cortisone were unable to give me long lasting results. Through Catherine’s amazing massage (and I mean her hands are amaaaaazing!) plus intuitive Kinesiology sessions, she not only helped with eliminating the physical pain in just a couple of sessions, but she also helped me deal with the emotional pain that was going on underneath. Having started my own business as well, she has truly helped with identifying inner obstacles and gives me ways of navigating through the uncertainty and stress. I’ve found better ways of taking care of myself on a deeper level. I’m still on a journey, but I am so grateful to have met Catherine and look forward to my visits with her.”