Skeletal Assessments and Corrections

An assessment of the skeletal structure gives a three-dimensional look at the whole-body structure. For example, one hip may be higher than the opposite hip, or the Vertebrae’s of the spine may be rotated to the left or right. For instance, a rotated single vertebra in your lower back maybe the causing pain in the thigh area. Understanding how the body compensates for weaker areas and applying the corrections using Muscle Energy Tequnics (MET) are applied to realign the skeletal system and alleviating muscle tension.

MET (Post Isometric Relaxation and Transverse Friction Massage) applied by the therapist is painless, stress free & gentle. A holistic approach that basically releases the muscle tension, affecting the ligaments and tendons that are attached to the bone. This then allows for the skeletal section that needs realignment to gently move back into its normal, functional position.

MET helps to develop (or remember) neuro pathways affecting the muscles behaviour (muscle memory) that recognize and incorporate a new response to and from the brain to maintain body balance. MET re-educates the body’s protective holding patterns releasing the pressure of the nerves, muscular and skeletal systems. 

The muscles during this re-training, strengthen and restore themselves back to normal function, working within the body as a unit, alleviating the stress of local or distant muscles. Disfunction of a muscle cause

related muscles to compensate for body  There is never just one muscle effected, all must be in harmony with one another to function without stress.

This is a pain free, gentle therapy with dynamic affects, providing for long term pain relief correcting the cause of the pain rather than just treating the effects or symptoms.

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