Quantum Bio Health Mat

A unique treatment mat using 8 therapies, including far infrared rays, hot stone, photo light, frequencies and more. The Quantum Bio Health Mat helps to reduce inflammation, chronic fatigue and cardiovascular disease. Whether you’re looking to detoxify your body, manage arthritis or muscle and joint pain, this mat will work wonders. Far Infrared technologies promote healing in the body through increased micro-circulation of blood flow to all cells.

Find out more about the soothing benefits of the Quantum Bio Health Mat or purchase a mat online. Alternatively you can email for more information.

MTHFR assist superfood

Food for your body and soul.
MTHFR assist is designed to improve overall health and replace a dysfunctional metabolism. It’s super rich in chlorophyll helping to detox your liver and kidneys, as well as offering anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits. Not only great for your immune system and circulation, this superfood packs a powerful punch to symptoms such as fatigue, depression and high anxiety.

Ingredients include: organic barley, marine collagen, diatomaceous earth, inulin, linseed sunflower almond, chia, 100% organic cacao, psyllium and organically grown green barley young shoots.

Find out more about MTHFR assist.

To purchase MTHFR assist please contact Catherine by email,

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