The Game Changers

Meditation Group

“Shining a light for those who need it the most”

Hello everybody

This is a call out for those of pure heart and intent, interested in forming a Consciousness Circle to mindfully shine Light in Dark Places. As we know, humanity is being pushed to rise in vibration during this, the Great Shift of the Ages. Everything that is in fear, and out of integrity, is being exposed by Light, and transformed by Love. Energy is magnified exponentially when we sit together with a common focus.

The focus of this circle will be to unite in sending unconditional love wherever there is darkness – places of low vibration causing fear, cruelty and destruction, to raise these vibrations thereby manifesting transformational change.

The unconditional Love that we add to the Field of Consciousness that connects all things, will join with the energy of every other Prayer/ Meditation Circle around the globe who meet with the same intent. Now that’s powerful, transformative energy!


Contact Catherine for online
options and a meditation schedule

0409 905 612

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