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Smokeless Stove Project

Kids Health India is a grass roots, not-for-profit organisation

An astonishing 5% of deaths of children under 5 years old, around the world, are caused by indoor smoke inhalation (WHO).

During the past 15 years of working with rural village children in southern India as a volunteer, I have observed that health impacts children’s lives first. Often poor health deprives them of the chance to go to school, develop physically and mentally and often snuffs out life itself.

The Smokeless Stove Project addresses the root cause of one of the most debilitating health issues for children all around the globe where impoverished living conditions exist. Inhalation of smoke from daily cooking in the home without ventilation, can link to upper respiratory infection, which left untreated can be fatal, ranking as the highest rate of child mortality known.

The good news is that we have a solution, that is more than a band aid, and deals directly with the cause of the smoke inhalation problem. We offer a new and improved model of cook stove that is designed and made locally that includes a chimney for proper ventilation of smoke outside the living space. It is now available with our project. The cost is $35 per installation.

What is different about our stove from others on the market? Women love it because it does not change the way they cook. They feel healthier and do not suffer from the many side effects of continuous inhalation of smoke. They can cook inside the house. Who wants to cook in the yard?

Our focus is health, education, and environment.

Children come first. The entire process of installation of 1 stove and 1 chimney is $46. We have over a thousand families on the waiting list from villages in Tamil Nadu.

For more information or to support this initiative, visit the Kids Health India website or contact Catherine on 0409 905 612.

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