Game Changers Meditation

Game Changers Meditation Circle

This is a call out for those of pure heart and intent, interested in participating in a conscious meditation group to mindfully Shine Light into Dark Places. As we know, Humanity is being pushed to rise in vibration during this, the great shift of the ages.

Everything that is in fear, out of integrity, is being exposed by the light, and transformed by Love. Energy is magnified exponentially when we together with a common focus. The focus of this circle is to unite in sending unconditional love. Love to wherever there is darkness – places of low vibration causing fear, cruelty and destruction, to raise these vibrations thereby manifesting transformational change.

The Unconditional Love that we add to the Field of Consciousness that connects all things, will join with the energy of every other Prayer/ Meditation Circle around the globe who meet with the same intent. Now that’s powerful, transformative energy!

The meditation is being held twice a month on a Tuesday evening, starting at 6.30 pm.

A donation of $5 will be well appreciated.

Dinner is also available upon request 24 hours prior to the mediation. RSVP is essential for the meal.

Menu: Dhal, Basmati rice, poppadom’s, chutney, Indian Halva and custard.

Price: $15 per person for all you can eat.

The desert is served after the circle with tea and coffee. All are invited to stay for a chat.

If you feel like Halva and custard with your cuppa and no dinner, the cost will be $5.00 including tea or coffee.

Dinner is served at 5.45 pm for a prompt 6.30 start.

Skype participants are welcome to join us, just send me your skype ID and I will add you to the group.

Contact Catherine for any enquiries and for the circle’s schedule.

Read more about Catherine and her experience here.


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